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Housekeeping Services

caregiver and and old ladyMaintaining a clean, organized, safe, and well-organized home is highly essential if you want to give your senior loved ones a healthy, happy, and comfortable living. An unsanitary environment can lead to illnesses and complications that might even lead to unnecessary hospitalization. A cluttered and disorganized environment is very unsafe for frail seniors and could be the cause of injuries due to trips, falls, and burns.

Our housekeeping services will ensure that your loved ones will live in a clean and well-managed household day after day. Our housekeepers will ensure proper and dignified home-living through the following services:

  • Laundry. We sort, wash, dry, iron, and fold clothes to make sure that they are clean for the seniors to use.
  • Kitchen Cleaning. We keep the most elemental part of the house clean so to avoid food contamination during meal preparation.
  • Gardening. We tend to your plants so you need not exhaust yourselves in mowing, watering, and caring for them.
  • Bills Payment. We ensure that you get all your utilities paid on time so you don’t have to suffer from unnecessary consequences due to missed payments.
  • Bathroom Cleaning. We ensure optimum bathroom safety by making sure that the floors are kept clean and dry as possible to avoid slips. We also ensure that closets are well-organized at all times for easy accessibility.
  • Linens Changing. We ensure that seniors have clean beds to rest on so we make sure that their linens are changed and washed on a regular basis.

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