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Meal Preparation

elderly having her mealRecent reports have shown that more than 50% of seniors are not getting as much nutrients that they need from food as they should be. These things are brought about by many reasons including their physical inability to properly absorb nutrients, having a physical condition which gives them difficulty in swallowing, and having an unbalanced diet. But there is actually one more reason to their under – or malnutrition which Private Care At Home and you can address.

Seniors often miss to eat the right kind of foods at the right time that they should be taking it because they find it very challenging to plan, shop, cook, and prepare for nutritious meals. When they are on their own, the promised convenience of instant meals is very tempting. We cannot really blame them if they would opt for the latter rather than cook for themselves.

Private Care at Home’s care providers can very well provide for your loved ones their needed support to enjoy sumptuous and healthy meals every time. Through our service, we will plan, cook, and prepare for them meals from breakfast, snacks, up to dinner. You can be assured that they will not only enjoy the service that they get from our care providers, they will also benefit from the companionship that they get by having our affectionate caregivers constantly around. This makes them not only physically nourished but emotionally and socially sustained, as well.

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