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When To Have “The Talk”

elderly with young girls “The Talk” regarding At Home Care

Start to gather information early before visible signs start to take their toll. Even if you wait until a medical issue arises, begin planning for your parents’ at home care needs.

Ease into it ~ Make the conversation light and try to get their point of view on what they want. The thought of leaving their own home could be frightening. Typically, most seniors are not aware that our services are available to assist them at home. Laundry, meal preparation, medication reminders, incidental transportation to appointments, etc. may allow them to live independently in their own home. Of course, they may refuse to admit they need any help and are in complete denial and may make the process a “challenge.”

A Family Meeting ~ Get the family together, sit down to talk on specifics and be sure to include the people who care about your parents so there is no resentment. Things we recommend:

  • Have the meeting in a familiar place, somewhere comfortable
  • Plan a time when everyone can attend, consider a conference call for those out of town
  • If a parent seems to show resistance, a third party, clergy member or social worker could be asked to assist
  • Make a list in advance with questions to ask. Include advance directives, legal, financial and medical documents…it’s never to early to get that all together
  • After compiling all this information, discuss how the entire family will share in the responsibilities and their role in caregiving
  • It is important to understand everyone’s role and who has the job of “Running the Show”

Don’t assume your parent will not be open to suggestions, approach with an attitude of listening…NOT telling them what to do. Let them know you are on the same page and you want what is best. Staying at home may be what they want to keep their independence and quality of life.

We’re here to help ~ You don’t have to do it alone. We will take the time to talk with Mom or Dad so they will feel comfortable with us and our role as a caregiving companion. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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